1. The lighter side of dolphin experiments

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    The truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth


    You have an ability to sense and know higher truth. You should use it.

  3. Make for better supercapacitors than graphene.

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    Soundgarden - I awake

    RIP Robin Williams

    Woke up depressed

    I left for work

    You have a good day

    It’s not your fault

    I know it hurts

    Remember, I love you, love you

    Remember, I love you, love you

    I love

    Woke up depressed

    I left for work

    You have a good day

    It’s not my fault

    I know it hurts  

    The lyrics of “I Awake” were originally part of a note written by Yamamoto’s then girlfriend Kate McDonald.

    - last.fm Louder than Love wiki

    Kate McDonald was Hiro Yamamoto’s girlfriend. Chris Cornell had gone to Hiro’s place and nobody was home, but Kate had left a note to Hiro, which Chris read. It subsequently became the lyrics to “I Awake.”  


  5. Lupe Fiasco - Next to It ft. Ty Dolla $ign

    bam… the relativity of wealth and the perception of it

    minor gripe - gold don’t need no tit next to it, latter may marginally but not significantly raise worth of it 


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    Wow, even Tom Tomorrow. Nice cut, bro.

    Wow, even Tom Tomorrow. Nice cut, bro.

  7. TIL

  8. Perhaps because I live in Chicago, perhaps because I work with other attorneys, in my day-to-day life I’m surrounded almost exclusively by people who identify with the mainstream, American left, centrist Democrats for whom mere mention of the word “libertarian” calls forth nightmarish imaginings of the Tea Party right. Regrettably, identifying myself as a libertarian stops anymeaningful dialogue with this set before it starts; for them, libertarianism is associated with the extreme right wing of a one-dimensional American political spectrum that they have been successfully trained never to question. They often know just enough about Ayn Rand to regard libertarianism as an oversimplified and merciless case for corporate greed, for an economic status quo that finds the one percent growing ever richer while the “middle class” contracts and the poor suffer in sheer destitution. Ironically, this kind of centrist Democrat probably understands capitalism and its effects better than many libertarians, seeing economic predation for what it is and looking (however unsystematically) for something to step in and pull back on the reins. What they haven’t taken the time to understand, however, is either libertarianism as a real philosophy or the cavernous gulf that separates the economic system of the present moment from real free markets.

    (bold and italics mine)

    I do not share the optimism nor possess the spare time of D’amato. My experience has been very consistently that such people are deeply and profoundly brainwashed and my time is much better spent silently demonstrating by example and searching out like-minded folk. The next generation is going to have to take over the Nolan chart bus.

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  10. Toby Imada pulls off an inverse triangle choke